Total Award Download

Silver Award 1609
Gold Award 1232

Starting the 15th of October, after the log had finished its debugging of errors, duplicates, etc… you will be able to download your hardly earned Award in PDF format.

Simply follow theses simple steps:

1.Enter in Log Online section,

…  and look for your callsign.

2.- If you have achieved the credits for a Diploma, fill your name in the appropiate field in the way you would like to see it printed in the Diploma. Please, double check the proper spelling of your name as the Diploma will be generated with the exact wording you fill in this field.

For security reasons the Diplomas are generated only once, so be sure no mistake is made when entering your name. You can download as many copies as you wish but all of them will be exact copies of the very first entry you made. If for any reason you need a change, contact us at and a new Diploma will be generated and the old one will be deleted.